Facebook 101

Learn how to use Facebook to build organically, generate leads, build brand equity, increase engagement, and create raving fans that buy.

YouTube 101

Learn Youtube basics such as building an engaging channel, posting videos, creating engaging thumbnails, and learn about some of our favorite optimizing tools!

Canva 101

Master creating a million dollar look with DO THE DAMN THING nations favorite free tool.

Copy Writing 101

Get your audience to respond with words with ease. Your emails, your sales page, and social media posts.

Building Out An Email Sequence That Converts

Build out an email sequence that actually converts your audience into prospects.

Engagement 101

Use your existing social media audience to fill your calendar, create your movement, and build a foundation that allows for cash and not just money. It’s all about the engagement.

Story 101

Get into a room and get good at telling your story, building your story and using it to frame your brand, live coaching in the room.

How To Build Your Media Kit

Want to let hired to speak? Build your media kit, with the DTDT team and get our stamp of approval in the room. You’ll be done by the time class is no longer in session.