Damien Rufus

The entrepreneurial hustler behind Digital Systems LLC, the go-to digital strategy firm for world’s most renowned marketers and game changing startups, Damien Rufus is known for his extensive knowledge, tenacious style, and solution-driven approach – not only in business but in all aspects of life.

A driven entrepreneur by every sense of the term, Rufus has co-founded numerous profitable brands, including Accelerated Marketing Group LLC, Video Valet, Proven Marketing Campaigns LLC, The Automated Seller, and Hustle + Soul. From local services business to Fortune 500 companies, he has extensively developed brands in a variety of industries for both himself and his clients.

Crediting “#buildsomething” as his guiding life principle, Damien is known for his ability to get shit done such as building an entire studio during the pandemic. Applying this same fervor to business ventures, upholds his personal motto that one can build a future by themselves, having become well-regarded for his furious hustle and brilliant ability to support entrepreneurs in becoming the success they are meant to be.

But Damien has also made it part of his personal mission to support community causes. Leveraging his degree in Non-Profit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University, Damien started Laveen Community Sports Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an outlet for youth to experience, learn, and grow through sports. He also coached and personally funded Eagle College Preparatory School girls’ basketball team, The Lady Eagles, in 2013 when their budget only provided for the boys team.

It’s all about the work – and someone who was once told by an elementary school teacher that he’d “never go anywhere” and would “end up dead in two years” – Damien has become one of the most sought-after and trusted digital strategists in the world of Direct Marketing. With his signature low-key style and unwavering attitude, he candidly shares the real-life stories and uplifting actions that have brought him such remarkable success.